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City Hall office hours


City Hall Office Hours 

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Forman's 1st Annual Siren Days event


Join in the siren celebration!

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Utility Rate Increase


Notice of Utility Rate Increase:

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Holidays on Ice community event


Join us for the first annual "Holidays on Ice" community event and winter celebration. 

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Siren on water tower


The siren on the water tower will be turned of for repairs beginning Wednesday, July 13th. 

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Compost Lot Closed


The city compost lot located at Maple Ave and 5th St is now closed for the season. It will be open for dumping material again in the spring. 

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Trash and Debris


Please do NOT dump trash on city property. Options for removal of yard waste and extra trash--

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Sump Pump Reminder


Please remember that all sump pumps must drain outside and not into the sewer system. 

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Pet Ordinance


Animal Ordinance Reminder-

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Pet Waste


Please remember that city ordinance require pet owners to clean up any waste left in public areas. Thank you for your cooperation as you walk your pets around town. 

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No Dumping Items on City Property


City ordinance prohibits the unauthorized dumping of items on city property. Please do not bring items to city shop or orther city locations not specified for item collection. $50 fines and cost of clean up will be enforced. 

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Dogs at Large


Dogs need to be either on a leash or on the owner's property at all times. Any reports of dogs running loose can be made to the sheriff's department at 724-3302, 

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