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COVID-19 Business Updates


If you're looking for updates on which businesses in town are open, closed, or have altered hours or services please click on our Business tab and the COVID-19 business updates. 

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City Office Closed


The city office will be closed to the public until further notice. Payments may be made by placing in the drop box or online. City employees are still working and can be reached by phone or...

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Four Seasons Visitor Restrictions


In compliance with state recommendations Four Seasons Health Care and The Villas are currently not allowing visitors. This measure is being taken to help protect residents from the COVID-19 virus....

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City Positions Open


Two city council seats and three park board seats are up for election this year. Please go to Election Information  for more information on how to apply and run. 

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Pick1 Volunteer Campaign


Check out our list of local organizations that need volunteers:

Forman Community Club

Forman Park Board

Forman City

Forman Library

Forman Fire Department

Four Seasons Healthcare/The...

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Storhaug Accounting


Beginning February 1st Nick Storhaug CPA office will have a tax accountant in the Forman office on Wednesdays and Fridays. Call 724-3327 to set up an appointment. 

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Snow Clearing Around Hydrants


If you have a fire hydrant on, or near, your property please clear the snow around them. This is a huge help to the fire department should they need to use the hydrants. Thank you for your assistance!

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Stray Cat Donations


Forman has many stray cats this winter. In order to help get a few safe and to new homes we are raising funds to get them spayed/neutered and sent to other homes/farms.  If you would like to...

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Snow Clearing Around Dumpsters


If you own or manage a property in town and have a dumpster please remember it is your responsibilty to clear snow from around the dumpster before garbage pickup. Thank you!

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No Parking on Street During Snow Removal


Please remember that vehicles must not be parked on streets or in alleways during snow removal. Violaters will be ticketed. 

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Dogs at Large


Dogs need to be either on a leash or on the owner's property at all times. Any reports of dogs running loose can be made to the sheriff's department at 724-3302, 

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