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No Parking on Street During Snow Removal


Please remember that vehicles must not be parked on streets on in alleways during snow removal. Violaters will be ticketed. 

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Four Seasons Openings


Four Seasons Healthcare currently has five beds available. Call 701-724-5441 for more information 

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Dogs at Large


Dogs need to be either on a leash or on the owner's property at all times. Any reports of dogs running loose can be made to the sheriff's department at 724-3302, 

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Garbage Notice


Please put garbage out on Friday mornings only. Residents are responsible for any trash that ends up on ground due to animals or weather. 

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Do Not Mow Grass Clippings Into the Street


Please do not mow grass clippings into the street. Clippings create issues for our sewer system. Thank you!

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Daycare Opening


Openings for all ages at Charge on Together Childcare. Call Nicole at 701-269-9639

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Sump Pumps


Sump pumps must be emptied outside, not into the sewer system. Thank you for your cooperation! 

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Recycling Reminder


Please only put items in the recycling bin that are approved for recyling. Plastic bags and other items that are not approved are contaminating the recycling. 

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UPS Drop Off Available


UPS drop off now available at Wurth-Adams at 9088 Hwy 32 S. Packages with labels may be dropped off or paid for by credit card and forms filled out at Wurth. 

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Need Help with City Services Schedule?


Confused which day is trash pickup day?  Does the City offer recycling? Do I need a permit to put a shed on my property?  All these answers and so much more can be found on our new website. Don't...

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