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Utilities and Rates

City Services

The City of Forman sends out garbage, sewer and water bills monthly for services received the prior month. Please call the city office for more details.

Water and Sewage

  • $35.00/month – Residential Water
    • If water usage is over 6,000 gallons/mo there is a water overage fee of $8.25 per 1,000 gallons over
    • Meters are read and overages billed in Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec
  • $6.00/month – Residential Sewer
    • If water usage is over 6,000 gallons/mo there is a sewer overage fee of $1.25 per 1,000 gallons over
    • Sewer usage charges are billed in Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan
  • Business Water depends on connections and volume
  • Business Sewer depends on water rate

Garbage and Recycling

  • $13.00/month – Residential Garbage
    • Put garbage out on curb in tightly sealed plastic bags on Friday mornings
    • The City has free cleanup days in the spring and fall each year
    • Dumpsters are available for an extra charge
  • $17.00/month – Business Garbage (Basic)
    • Fees depend on volume and # pickups
    • Business dumpster pickup is every Tuesday
  • Recycling is provided by Waste Management and billed through the city
    • $4.26/month Residential (All residents participate)
    • $6.09/month Business (Optional participation)
    • Corrugated cardboard recycling is available behind the city shop
    • Recycling is picked up the 2nd Tuesday of each month unless the 1st falls on a Tuesday, in which case it is the 3rd Tuesday
    • Put your green tote out on the curb, not in the alley

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