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City Hall

349 Main St
PO Box 122
Forman, ND  58032

Office Phone: (701) 724-3673
Office Fax: (701) 724-3111
TDD: 1 (800) 366-6888
E-mail City Hall

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (hours vary)
(Closed on all federal holidays)

City Hall has a spacious modern kitchen and a large community meeting hall used for public and private gatherings.  It also houses the Sargent County Ambulance. Download the City Hall Rental Agreement to reserve your space.

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City Shop

304 Main St
Forman, ND  58032

Shop Phone: (701) 724-3044

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City Council

The Forman City Council typically meets the second Monday of each month at City Hall.  Watch announcements for time and date changes.
Read minutes of the City Council meetings…

Al Carton

City Mayor
E-mail Al

Duties: Oversees all portfolios

Sue Kleingarn

Council President
E-mail Sue

Library Portfolio:
Liaison to the library board

Personnel Portfolio:
Job descriptions, workers comp, reviews, certifications, education and training

Streets and Buildings Portfolio:
City hall, shop, senior center and library buildings, snow removal, gravel/blading, repair/replacement of roads

Luke Anderson

Council Vice President
E-mail Luke

Ordinances Portfolio:
Review ordinances, keep up with changing needs of the city regulations

Cemetery Portfolio:
Maintenance, sales, records

Finance and Debt Service Portfolio:
Budget, financing, revenue, expenditures, audit

Al Colemer

E-mail Al

Beautification Portfolio:
Abandoned buildings, junk cleanup, mowing, weeds, public nuisances, liaison to the Forman Shade Tree committee

Planning, Zoning and Development Portfolio:
Industrial park, Forman development, zoning, annexations, de-annexations, housing

Parks Portfolio:
Liaison to the park board and golf course board

John Stenvold

E-mail John

Water portfolio:
Water plant, tower, public supply lines

Sanitation portfolio:
Lagoon, lift stations, sewer & storm drains, garbage, recycling

Public Safety portfolio:
Signage, sidewalks, police services, pets

Trish Pearson

City Auditor

Anthony Fiala

City Superintendent

Tom Orth

Assistant Superintendent

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Forman Park Board

President: Donovan Hajek
Treasurer: Rachael Hoistad
Other Members:  Mindie Bopp, Chris Bladow, Wendy Willprecht

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